Master Stroopwafel training 2 students




We welcome you at our academy at around 09.30 am.
We start with coffee, tea, a stroopwafel and the introduction of ourselves. Who are you, what are your plans, which location will you start your business and how can I help you in the best possible way.

First, we teach you all the secrets of the perfect dough recipe,
and how to give it your own signature.
We will make 2 or 3 varieties of the dough.
Stroop – How to make your own stroop
and how to influence the taste, viscosity colour, etc.
We practice the techniques of baking and cutting the cookies
What is your ultimate stroopwafel recipe.
What is the best way of storage, packaging, transport. How can you start your  private label.
How to sell more, who is your ultimate cliënt and where to find and approach them.
We discuss your business plan, marketingplan, the use of social media, the financing and pricing.
You establish your mindset, your goals and the opportunities.
For example are you working solo or with employees ?

This Masterclass Stroopwafeltraining is individual customized for every student so the program and ending time is flexible between 17.00 am and  21.00 pm.

The Masterclass Stroopwafeltraining will give a boost to your business and career
The maximum is 2 students per training.

This training is inclusive all materials, recipes and certificate, coffee,tea and lunch.
* Mentoring for 1 year is included.
* Our E-book and videotraining is included.


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