"The best investment is in yourself"

Congratulations! You found us. Welcome to the unique Stroopwafel academy. You decided to start your business in the Stroopwafel world; the famous Dutch cookies. We will help you on the way to your succes. At the Stroopwafel academy you get all the knowledge to start with confidence.

The complete training

Stroopwafel Ingredients
Stroop cooking
methods & techniques
presentation packing & storage
marketing & the ultimate customers
and more. Much much more.

Quality in trainings

Our Master training is your best choice.
Our alternatives are:
Our complet video training (soon)
Our complete E-book
All the secrets of the stroopwafel.


After your training we provide full support.
With the master training
the video training and the E-book is included.

Mentoring is included.

Learn from our masters how to make the famous Dutch stroopwafels

Do you want to learn how to make the best Dutch stroopwafels, the delicious Dutch Caramel cookies ?
We teach you all the inns and outs of the stroopwafelbusiness.
Whatever country you want to start your business, we have the expertise to help you reach your goals.

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

And to become the best, you should learn from the best.
By investing in a professional training at our Academy for stroopwafels,
you will significantly speed up the process to success of your business.

We make the difference in your road to success.

The Master stroopwafel training
I like to hear about your plans.
Where do you want to start your business
How do you want to start your business
in a foodtruck, a kiosk or maybe in a waffleshop or even a shop in shop.

How much would it be worth to you if you could start your business from day one with the best product possible that will enchant your customers and make your customers your fanbase?

How nice is it if you already know everything that could go wrong?

I will teach you how you can anticipate problems and mistakes in advance.

Mistakes cost money. How comfortable is it to avoid these?

With our training, you will set up your business without any doubts.
The knowledge learned at our academy will make you more profit, starting at day one.
In one year your extra profit could be as much as € 45.000,- or more.

Maybe you want to start your own industrial stroopwafelfactory.

E-BOOK & video training online
When it is not possible for you to attend the Masterclass at our Stroopwafelacademy you can purchase our video training and E-book. Check our shop to buy online.
Our E-book and video modules content all recipes, the manual how to make perfect stroopwafels, the dough and the stroop step by step in detail, just like our live Stroopwafeltraining.

Please contact us:   info@vandemeester.com

Stroopwafelacademy is 100% owned by vandeMeester.com

Equipment for stroopwafels

Take a look at our European WEBSHOP

For stroopwafel machines
for stroopwafel doughmix and stroop.
Yes, we also export outside Europe, ask for a quote.

Yes we have instantstroop.
Only add water boil it and… Magic…. Stroop.

Choose your training

Stroopwafel videotraining + Ebook

The complete Stroopwafel training is available on video.

Log in from your home, and watch this training whenever and howmany times you want.

Bonus: Our E – book is also included.

Master Stroopwafel entrepreneur

This Masterclass Stroopwafeltraining is individual customized for every student so the program and ending time is flexible.

The Masterclass Stroopwafeltraining will give a boost to your business and career
Your investment is a fraction of the cost when you have to find out everything yourself.
The maximum is 2 students per training.

This training is inclusive all materials, recipes and certificate, coffee,tea and lunch.
* …

Dirk Okhuijsen









Customer service
Our students from Honduras

Our students from Honduras

So glad we did this course
Dirk really overdelivered.
We can`t wait to start our business now.

Trevor from the USA

Trevor from the USA

The training at the academy was such a great step to take.
I am very happy with all the knowledge i have learned, now i am confidend to start my business.

Yugin from Singapore

Yugin from Singapore

Verse Stroopwafels

"Thank you for the training.
This will make the difference in my life.

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