This Stroopwafel training is individually and developed to become an international professional in the Stroopwafelworld.

€ 1385

Module 1:

Tell us your plans and goals. This allows us to fully adapt our training to your knowledge needs.

Topics such as: history, equipment, health and ingredients are covered.

A simple explanation of what to use and why, so you can make the right decisions in the country you will start.

Equipment: We look at all possible machines to make the right decision on which one to buy. Which materials are needed and which are not?

You will learn to make the dough and stroop yourself with our oroginal famous recipe.

Make your own syrup and how to influence the taste, viscosity, color and composition.

We discuss all the techniques of baking and cutting the cookies What is your ultimate stroopwafel recipe

Module 2:

Syrup – What is the best way of storage, packaging, transport.

–How to sell more, who is your ideal customer and where to find and approach them.

We look at your business plan, marketing plan, the use of Social Media, the financing.

You determine your mindset, your goals and the opportunities. For example: are you going to work alone or with employees

We will introduce you to all possible ways to present the stroopwafels to your customers.

Action: Roll up your sleeves, make your first dough completely independently and take the first steps towards making Dutch Stroopwafels. Techniques and temperatures of baking the biscuits: let’s taste, smell and look at the structure of the stroopwafel biscuits.

We continue baking until we have achieved the best result.

Making syrup: Making good syrup is an art. We practice, practice and practice more.

We will go through all the possible situations that something practically goes wrong and how to fix it.

Presentation and toppings: how are you going to serve your stroopwafels to the customers? Which pricing do you choose?

The end of the Masterclass Training Stroopwafels is when you decide that you are satisfied and fully informed and ready, but no later than 20:00.

You will earn back the total costs of this training within a month of being operational.

The professional and practical training includes:

OUR RECIPE fort he perfect dough an delicious stroop.

•     The E-BOOK The secrets of Stroopwafels 

•     The complete Video training worth € 745

•     All materials and certificate, coffee, tea and lunch

Optional:  Mentorship by email and Whatsapp